Lehmo faces Warney

One good thing about being a high profile breakfast radio host is that you get to meet and play with people who have an even higher profile than you.
So it was for Gold 104.3 co-host Lehmo. Yesterday he got to realise a childhood dream to play cricket on the hallowed pitch of the MCG  with none other than the Sheik of Tweek, Shane Warne.
It was all part of Gold 104.3’s ONE LAST SHOT campaign. New Ambassador for The Shane Warne Foundation, Anthony “Lehmo”
Lehman faced a Shane Warne delivery.
Lehmo was blown away saying, “It was truly a dream come true to play on the G.  I got to face Warney, make some runs, take a wicket and drop a catch into my face.  What more could a man want?
“Huge thanks to Warney and the foundation for letting me fulfil my dream of playing on the G and dropping a catch into my face. Which was replayed on the big screen about 30 times,” said Lehmo.
Information about The Shane Warne Foundation:

Donations can be made to the Shane Warne Foundation  by going to the website TSWF.com.au.
In 2014, The Shane Warne Foundation will celebrate 10 years as an established not-for-profit Australian children’s charity, but our mission and passion to “enrich the lives of seriously ill and underprivileged children and teenagers in Australia” has not changed. 
Since being formed, The Shane Warne Foundation has raised over $7 million with approximately 80% reaching Australian children in need either through our Public Fund, which provides funding for established charities that work hands on with children and teenagers in Australia, or through our Necessitous Circumstances Fund, which allows us the capacity to directly help children under the age of 18 who are in financially necessitous circumstances. 

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