Lexus drives digital radio growth with 8000 cars sold

Lexus continues to lead the Australian luxury car market in digital car radios, both for wide-ranging vehicle fitment and numbers sold.

Since becoming the first luxury brand in Australia to provide DAB+ digital radio as standard fitment to a model (the GS Line, launched in 2012), Lexus has sold almost 8000 vehicles with the technology.

Lexus also offers the most expansive range of luxury vehicles fitted with digital radio.

DAB+ is currently available on all Lexus models, from the CT 200h hybrid hatchback to the flagship LS sedan, and is standard fitment on the majority of the Lexus range.

The DAB+ digital radio system enables Lexus customers to access a greater number of radio stations and digital content, as well experiencing enhanced sound quality.

Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner is pleased that Lexus had embraced digital radio:

“Lexus was the first luxury vehicle brand in Australia to include DAB+ as standard and has continued to expand the number of models that include DAB+… The commercial radio industry is very grateful for their initial and ongoing support of digital radio.

“We’re all spending more time in our cars and 36 per cent of commercial radio listening last year was done in the car. We’re pleased Lexus drivers can experience more stations, digital quality sound and scrolling text on DAB+ digital radio.”

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley says the DAB+ audio system is another example of Lexus’ desire to bring the best technology available to its customers.

“Our cars are offered with the latest in technologies such as hybrid drivetrains, so naturally DAB+ digital radios are available across the entire range. The high quality Lexus car stereos, as well as the premium Mark Levinson units offered on a number of our vehicles, deliver even better sound quality when paired with digital radio.

“And the higher number of stations on offer makes the listening experience even better, and is increasingly useful as the digital network expands across the country,” says Hanley.

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