Liam Bartlett’s replacement on 6PR

Gary Adshead has been announced as Liam Bartlett’s replacement on Perth’s 6PR morning show from November 21st.

The 9News and West Australian reporter is no stranger to the slot, previously filling in for Bartlett during summer periods.

Speaking Friday morning, Adshead said he’s glad the opportunity came his way.

The immediacy of radio and stories breaking while you’re on air is an adrenaline rush that you can’t get in many other mediums,” said Adshead.

The opportunity came my way… I’m looking forward to it.”

Liam Barlett announced his departure from 6PR at the beginning of the month. 

Not only did Bartlett announce he was leaving 6PR, but he will also be leaving 60 Minutes.

In a statement, Bartlett said, “It’s been a real privilege and an honour to be allowed to present the morning program in my home state and be part of the wonderful 6PR team.” 

6PR’s Gareth Parker also announced his departure from hosting duties this year as he leaves for a new role as Director of News at 9News Perth.

Parker said his new role is a “huge opportunity.”

I am going to miss the 6PR listeners terribly and it has been a great privilege to sit behind the mic for the past six years,” said Parker. 

Listen to Adshead on 6PR from November 21.

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