Life Begins on Monday

Following a flurry of publicity, speculation and comment from politicians, industry insiders, publishers and broadcasters, the ABC has officially announced that ABC Life will go live on Monday.

The ABC says the new digital site will harnesses stories from across the Corporation’s many platforms and outlets and present them in an accessible, independent and engaging way for audiences.
Scott Spark, ABC Life Lead, says “ABC Life builds on the tradition of the ABC tapping into the everyday topics, issues and stories that matter to people. It will look and sound like Australia now, and be free of advertiser interests.”

A number of commentators have questioned the funding and the cost and aims of ABC life, suggesting that it’s content will be  too close to already existing sites.

The ABC refuted these claims today on its website saying that  the reports had been based on incorrect information from anonymous staff members.

According to the ABC, “No authorised, discoverable ABC spokesperson has made the statements that the purpose of ABC Life is ‘to replicate content that does well on commercial sites’ or that it will be a ‘BuzzFeed page for the ABC’.”

“While the ABC does not disclose internal financial details, the figures put on the ABC Life budget have been grossly inflated.”

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