Listening Room features radio

Radio National’s Listening Room (Mondays 9 pm) is featuring a month of programs which explore ideas about radio as part of the ABC’s 70th birthday celebrations. The program will also premier a selection of new ‘sound-art for radio’ called EarClips.

This week (8 July) the program was Listening Text 16: Radio by Ferdinand Kriwet. It is “a giant kaleidoscope of audio gathered from radio broadcasters throughout the world and finely sewn into a rich multi-lingual tapestry.”

Kriwet’s ambitious aim was to create a “polyphony of the world history of radio.” In the program he has collected all manner of radio commentaries, stings, time-calls, station trailers, weather reports, etc over a period of two years. He collated and edited the material – claiming to have made some 10,000 edits in the process.