LiSTNR, an immersive experience and a possible name change for SCA

The team at radioinfo were treated to an immersive LiSTNR experience this week with a chance to hear from a panel including Grant Blackley, Jennifer Goggin, Grant Tothill, Mark Howard and Abbie Chatfield.

SCA transformed Campbell Stores Circular Quay into an epic immersive experience for LiSTNR, in what was an interactive look into the world of the brand.

Guests walked through a day in the life of a LiSTNR user from waking up in the morning listening to Steve Price on Australia Today, heading to the gym listening to Abbie Chatfield’s It’s A Lot podcast, catching the train into work while being entertained by Triple M’s The Marty Sheargold Show to cooking dinner in the evening with the Hit Network’s national drive show, Carrie & Tommy, just to name a few.

The panel discussion was led by Grant Blackley who says “The house of LiSTNR …is a single destination that can take us from the known listener to the unknown listener, and fundamentally make it a scalable house and a very easy place for people to navigate and find the content of their choice however diverse that might be across our portfolio.

 “Podcasting and radio streaming survive together, they are companions together allowing you to create a platform, and on either platform make it a megaphone for the other.

 “Radio is resilient as it ever has been, and podcasting, rom-coms etc are driving increased listening.

 SCA will continue to invest in LiSTNR and aim to broaden the library so that it contains premium content but is also diverse in nature.

The success of The Younger Man rom-com, that now sits second being Joe Rogan on Spotify, means that the company will continue to develop more similar types of offerings, and according to Jennifer Goggin, there are plenty more in the works.

LiSTNR will develop a group of audio products under the heading of Factual and Drama, and Goggin says when they were looking to develop new products, “….what we were looking for were users who valued creative story telling but would stay on the platform for long periods of time. What the Australian public is asking for is a diversity of storytelling, and within that one of the key trends is Crime, a trend that started in Victorian times and has never left.

 “So, within Drama, we will be doing Crime, Mystery, Thrillers and Fiction podcasts where the listener can try and guess who the murderer is, much like the way that HBO program everything they do.

 “We will develop more immersive storytelling that will come in the form of fiction and factual documentary style offerings, serialised documentaries that focus more on the victim’s story”

Blackley says that LiSTNR is “…growing and accelerating. Audiences are growing exponentially…so we are going to experiment more, develop more tech, embrace more feedback, and I’d like to see us double our audience.

“I’d like to see LiSTNR move from being just an Australian model to an international model. The amount of international interest is nothing short of outstanding. A lot of our content will travel”

 As he did at when talking exclusively to radioinfo at Radiodays Europe in Malmö, Blackley once again floated the possibility that SCA could one day be called LiSTNR, saying that this would be a natural progression if it came to pass, with all of the company’s audio content available under the LiSTNR umbrella.

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