LiSTNR partners with NumberEight to create ID-less addressability at scale for digital audio

Addressable audio advertising takes a quantum leap forward today with the announcement that LiSTNR and SCA have established a data partnership with contextual intelligence platform NumberEight.

As new privacy regulations and iOS updates raise concern in the advertising industry about the future of addressability, LiSTNR has sought to solve the issue for advertisers with this Australian first partnership.

NumberEight offers Mobex (live mobile context) and behavioural audiences to advertisers without the need for personally identifiable information (PII), advertising IDs or cookies.

SCA Chief Sales Officer, Brian Gallagher, says, “The ability to offer advertisers hyper-targeted campaigns without the need for PII or identifiers is a ground-breaking achievement in ad tech.  Partnering with NumberEight gives us the ability to offer advertisers live, in-moment targeting and audience insights at scale that will drive busines outcomes, demonstrating the storytelling power of audio.”  

SCA Head of Digital Sales & Operations, Jonathan Mandel, says, “Digital audio is a companion medium so the ability to identify and understand live user behaviour in real time through smartphone sensors is a monumental innovation for advertising.  Partnering with NumberEight will provide advertisers the ultimate contextual and behavioural targeting at scale beyond anything available today, in a private and secure manner. We’re thrilled to be leading in this innovation in Australia.” 

 NumberEight CEO, Abhishek Sen, says, “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with LiSTNR and SCA in this Australian first partnership, especially at a time when the entire advertising industry is up in arms over the lack of addressable mobile inventory. This will allow advertisers to harness the power of on-device contextual intelligence and reach relevant audiences in the moments that matter most, all without compromising user privacy.” 

The NumberEight platform will go live within the LiSTNR app from 15 November.