Local counts for Regional Radio, no matter where #RadioShow2019

Regional radio is the same whether it is based in the outer cities and towns of Australia or throughout regional USA.

radioinfo’s Wayne Stamm caught up with the COO and Executive VP for Neuhoff Media, Mike Hulvey and Neuhoff’s VP/General Manager of Lafayette, Indiana, Chris Fleming, at #RadioShow2019 to talk about what’s important for regional stations to remain successful in their markets.

Neuhoff Media is one of the USA’s most successful regional media organisations and for them there is no real secret to success, it’s all about connecting with the community.

Their stations have also made sure that Podcasting is targeted at a local level, for example highlighting local colleges.

Mike is also on the steering committee for RadioShow, and along with the rest of the committee, has been driving changes to the way this event remains relevant and appealing to the industry.




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