Local identity to read local news on Gold Coast

94.1FM Gold Coast has commenced its own “Local News” with Ian Cousins which runs Monday to Friday at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30pm.

CEO Gary Field said it’s something the station has been wanting to do since we first started five years ago. “94.1FM is a very local station and unfortunately the correct resources have not been in place until now to start such a service. He said I didn’t want to start the service until we had a professional secure team in place to deliver the service,
“Local News is not just about ambulance and police chasing. Community” news plays a very important part of the bulletin.
An added bonus is the station’s association with 7 Gold Coast News where they have reporters in the field and we can take advantage of their immediate reports,” he said.
Plans are now in place for the Local News service to expand into our Breakfast Show each morning with updates throughout the day. 

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