Lost radio content now found by Rewind Radio

Live radio content now instantly available and sharable on social media


Today, over 1 million hours of radio content will be broadcast around the world. Most of it would have been lost. Until now.

A new online product, Rewind Radio® (www.RewindRadio.com), has been launched to help radio stations make their audio content more searchable and sharable, quickly and simply.

The online platform allows listeners and/or station producers to create a clip just seconds after audio has gone to air, and share it with listeners.

The Australian invention is the brainchild of IT entrepreneur and former radio broadcaster Anthony Gherghetta, who came up with the idea three years ago and has been developing the product since then.

“There is so much radio content broadcast everyday and most of this content disappears the second it leaves the transmitter. Rewind Radio is designed to capture ‘radio moments’ that can be stored forever and easily shared on social media.”

Rewind Radio company chairman Steve Ahern says the invention fills a much-needed gap in radio industry workflow.

“My company AMT works with stations all over the world to make their workflow more efficient, but there was always a gap – how to allow producers or listeners to immediately retrieve audio that just went to air, then listen again and share it.

“When Anthony came to me with his idea, I could see it filled that gap perfectly, so I invested in the company to bring the product to market.”

When stations take out an account with Rewind Radio, the platform ingests a station’s broadcast stream and from then on is ‘always listening.’ They can make the feed public or restrict it only to staff. When a producer or listener wants to make a clip and share it, the service has the audio ready to go and can create a clip in seconds with as few as four mouse clicks.

Another problem with audio on the internet is that it is difficult for search engines to index. Rewind Radio now makes radio content more searchable, and stations using the service have found that their online audio presence has increased after using it.

A range of stations around the world, including BFM Malaysia, Radio Romania and 2SER FM Sydney, have been using the service in beta-test mode for some months and are pleased with the results

Ahern says: “Stations using Rewind Radio tell us that it is perfect for sharing quick turn-around audio. Podcasts and audio downloads are useful for long form content, but there are lots of short grabs and interviews that never make it to a station’s webpage, social media or podcast feed because they take too much work to edit. Rewind Radio streamlines that process.

“One broadcaster told me his manager was always asking him to put up more content on the station’s social media feeds during the show, but he couldn’t figure how to do it easily and quickly. Rewind Radio solved that problem for him.”

Rewind Radio offers broadcasters a range of audio catch up services for a small monthly fee. The company suggests that AAC streams are the best ones to feed into the service for accurate audio editing.

Rewind Radio partnerships director Daniel Laforest said: “Small regional stations particularly like the product because they don’t have lots of staff allocated to production. Rewind Radio lets them create and share clips quickly while they are still on air and brings rich content to their social media feeds.”

Broadcasters can go to the www.rewindradio.com website to try out the service, and contact Daniel Laforest [email protected] for a quote on professional usage.


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