A love fest on Perth radio between two Australian stars

Perth’s very own international superstar, Hugh Jackman joined Mix94.5’s Clairsy, Shane and Kymba for breakfast this morning to chat about his new film Pan
What he didn’t expect though, was a surprise phone call live on-air from one of his biggest idols – Australian cricket legend, Justin Langer.

“I gotta tell you, you have given so many years of joy to me and my mates right across Australia, you’re an absolute legend” said Jackman.

“Oh and ditto mate, don’t worry about that,” said Langer.

“This is a bit of a love fest, this is brilliant! I might stay on this all afternoon.”

And a love fest it was…

At one point, Jackman became the interviewer rather than the interviewee putting the tough questions on Langer.

Take a listen.


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