Lucky listener – unlucky radio station

10 grand prize goes off at first attempt.

Usually, when a station puts up a $10,000 prize they hope to get maximum value from it by dragging out the promotion for a month or so before someone wins it.

But Perth’s 96FM radio duo Paul & Lise were shocked on Monday morning as one of their listeners fluked the contest and took the money on the first attempt.

The challenge was for Rob, a butcher, from WA’s Applecross to squeeze the trigger on the 96FM petrol bowser where he had to make the ‘Perfect Pour’ – to land on exactly $10.00 when he released the trigger.

Watch the video here. 

Unperturbed, but not uninsured, and with another 10k in their back pocket, 96FM reset the contest to give more listeners more chances to win – and their sponsor the exposure they’d signed up for.

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