Melbourne music crossovers

​Fox & KIIS101 shared 28.9% of their playlist over the last four weeks.

Fox played a greater variety of tracks – 51.2% of tracks they played were not on KIIS during this time.

The most played song on Fox, that was not on KIIS was The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pray For Me’ with 105 spins, while KIIS spun ‘Feel It Still’ from Portugal. The Man 69 times during the last month, with the track not appearing on the Fox playlist. 

Nova and Fox shared 24.3% of their playlists with Fox again playing a greater range of tracks.

Gold played the most exclusive songs, that is, they played 595 songs that were not played on any other station in Melbourne during this time.

The most played exclusive song on Gold was a three-way tie between Pet Shop Boys‘ ‘Always On My Mind’, Icehouse’s ‘Electric Blue’ and Huey Lewis & The News‘ ‘Hip To Be Square’ each receiving 14 spins.

Triple M Melbourne & Gold shared 30.7% of their playlists in the last four weeks, with 662 tracks played across both stations. The most played track between Triple M & Gold was ‘When I Come Around’ from Green Day with 26 spins.

Smooth and Gold had a crossover of 11.3%, with Gold spinning 1480 songs that were not heard on Smooth. The most playing track across the two stations was Eric Carmen’s ‘Hungry Eyes’.

Triple M & Smooth shared only 2.6% of their playlists, or 47 tracks. In this case the favourite track between Triple M & Smooth was ‘Fall At Your Feet’ from Crowded House.