Lucy Holmes Bailey asks listeners… “Who wants to host my breakfast show?”

89.9 LightFM Melbourne’s breakfast show Lucy and Kel have just announced that when Lucy goes on maternity leave, they will be replacing her with a listener.
From next week, the station will be conducting phone auditions to find the next big thing in radio.

This listener will be given the opportunity to be Kel’s brand new co-host. It is a paid position, including all the perks such as waking up at 4am every weekday.
Lucy said: “I love my job as brekky announcer SO much that I would only hand over the role whilst I am on maternity leave to someone I loved, someone I trusted, someone who I know would move heaven and earth to make the show amazing…. and who is that person? None other than a dedicated LightFM listener. There is SOMEONE amazing out there in Melbourne who deserves this awesome opportunity!”
Kel said: “This is a brilliant idea. And who knows where this opportunity could take them? Sometimes all you need is a foot in the door… this could be the start of something HUGE for a LightFM listener!”

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