Twitter Showdown: Rosso on Drive’s Money Moose vs. The Sunrise Cash Cow

It all started on Monday when Rosso pointed out on Twitter that his co-host Matty Baseley had less Twitter followers than Sunrise’s Cash Cow.
For a bit of fun, Rosso encouraged people to ‘get behind Matty’ to help the poor guy out.

These tweets caught the eye of Sunrise host Sam Armytage, who shared her thoughts about why Matty might be lagging behind her beloved cow colleague, and even came along to have a chat about it on Rosso’s show.

Sam’s insights didn’t sit too well with Matty, and the #Trashtalkthecow movement took off with listeners getting in on the fun Tweeting their best ‘bad’ bovine jokes and  puns.

And then the Cash Cow got involved…


It seems all the attention had actually resulted in MORE followers for the Cash Cow, but it was then that Matty realised where he was going wrong… and Rosso on Drive’s Money Moose was born.
Giving everyone’s favourite cow a run for her money, Matty the Money Moose showed up in Martin Place this morning with a handful of $1 coins and cards (attached) in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of the public. You can see more on Rosso’s Instagram.

Twitter Followers as of this morning:
@CashCowSun7               1063 (started approx. 800 Monday)
@mattbaseley                     652

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