The magazine that now morphs into radio

Imagine if your favourite magazine had its own soundtrack that played while you flipped through the pages.

That was the idea behind Rolling Stone Radio, a collaboration between Rolling Stone Australia and Pandora.

Each month, Rolling Stone Radio will bring the magazine to life via a carefully curated Pandora station, jam-packed with all the music and artists featured in the issue. The station will be updated monthly with new music and audio messages from the featured artists.

“We’ve had feedback from a lot of readers who have suggested it might be cool to have a soundtrack to the magazine, so they could listen to the music while they read the issue,” says Rolling Stone Publisher Matt Coyte. “It’s great that Pandora have been so willing to work with us on creating a station that works with, or without, the magazine in front of you.”

Rick Gleave, Pandora’s Director of Business Development & Partnerships, comments, “We are proud and excited to partner with Rolling Stone Australia to create the sound of every issue. Through this partnership we will continue providing music lovers a unique way to discover, enjoy and immerse themselves in the music they love thanks to one of the industry’s biggest influencers.”

Rolling Stone Radio will launch to coincide with the magazine’s next issue on April 6th. From the hottest new acts featured in the Future Is Now section to this month’s Living Legend, Mark Seymour, and all points in between, Rolling Stone Radio will keep you up to date with everything happening in music each month.

To listen to Rolling Stone Radio, click here or download the Pandora app and search for Rolling Stone Australia.

Music discovery platform Pandora starts with the music you love, and lets you discover music you didn’t even know you loved. Rolling Stone Australia is the country’s leading pop culture publication, with a proud history stretching back 46 years. 

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