Major broadcast software company cuts ties with Russia

Amsterdam based Wedel Software which launched the Adthos brand last year, has suspended all operations in Russia where it had conducted much of its R&D for many years.

Company founder, Raoul Wedel posted the following statement on social media a few days ago…


Questioned about the impact this decision will have on the company and staff,  Mr Wedel replied, “We have had a part of our R&D in Russia for 8 years and actually before that in the Ukraine for 5 years. I have been in the region many times and have many friends an connections there.

“The decision was on one hand heartbreaking, on the other hand I feel we have no choice, and people must unite against these war crimes. We have employees in Donetsk, Rostov on Don, Moscow and St. Petersburg. None of them supports this war, and they are just trying to provide for their families. 

“The decision will not affect our company in the short term, but we will need to regroup our R&D in the near future. Even if the war would end soon, the country will remain unstable and sanctioned as long as Putin is in power.

“I hope this story will make more companies consider cutting all their ties with Russia,” said Mr Wedel.

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