Making Christian Mobile

Radio Snowy Mountains  has raised over $13000.00 for a local family and Early Intervention Services

The station was contacted last year by a Mum desperate to buy her son Christian a wheelchair for his first year at school. However with a $6000.00 price tag the family was struggling to raise the funds.

The radio station launched a Making Christian Mobile and thanks to generous donations from the small community enough was raised to buy Christian his chair and donate the remainder to the Monaro Early Intervention Service.

Sam Blacker from Snow FM said “With the help of local businesses, sports teams and celebrities and on air personalities, our on air team at the time (including Josh Olek, Emily Goddard, Gary Warne and our GM Richard) worked tirelessly to achieve a result none of us expected “

The Monaro Early Intervention service provides family centred early intervention services for young children who have a disability or developmental delay and supports their family.

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