Maligned P76 + Memory = $10 000 on Nova

Sydney’s Nova 969 is offering $10 000 on the Merrick and Rosso breakfast show to anyone with a reasonable memory!

From 6am today, Nova will ask listeners to name 13 mystery drivers, who’ve been behind the wheel of Merrick and Rosso’s new car – a Leyland P76, from the 1970s and regarded as Australia’s most maligned car.

Nova says it’s taken a lot of high level arm twisting to get top Australians into the P76 so, every day for the past few weeks, they’ve given away $1000 a pop to listeners, who could name each celebrity driver of the ‘peel me a grape purple’ (not so Aussie) icon.

And today, Merrick and Rosso will “give away practically 10 times that amount to whoever’s been cluey enough to write all the names down!”