Margot Robbie talks Oscars with Fitzy & Wippa

The ‘I, Tonya’ actor discusses the film and her surprise Oscar nomination.

Fitzy & Wippa chatted with Oscar-nominee Margot Robbie about the controversial film, her childhood nickname, and time as a Subway ‘sandwich artist’.

‘Congrats!’ said Fitzy, ‘the girl nicknamed Maggot has got an Oscar nom!’
Robbie first heard news of the nomination while gathered her friends and family, ‘and everyone started crying and hugging,’ says Robbie.

‘We really did try and capture her,’ Robbie said of her rendering of former figure skater Tony Harding.

She’s not perfect. She doesn’t always say and do the right thing. She was a self-proclaimed redneck who made her own costumes. She so clearly was the underdog, but she was clearly a very flawed person.’

Watch below. 


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