Mark Latham’s Triple M show slammed

As Mark Latham’s show Lathamland began on Triple M Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the tweets rolled in.

Although, the former Labor leader had been trending most of the morning when a teaser from the show was released taking aim at domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty, suggesting domestic violence was a tool of a feminist left and railed against what he called “the curse of political correctness in Australia”.

Triple M has also come under fire for airing the segment given they support White Ribbon Day which helps raise awareness among Australian men about preventing violence against women.

White Ribbon has also tweeted regarding the podcast.

Triple M released a statement in support of White Ribbon, with the Head of Triple M Network Mike Fitzpatrick saying,

“Triple M stands side by side with White Ribbon and will continue to push conversations about domestic violence no matter how uncomfortable. This is an issue that needs to be spoken about.
We call for all men to stand up and hold those who commit acts of violence against women and children to account”. 

Latham believes the right to free speech is being violated by everyone from ‘lefty feminists’, ‘political elites’ and even ‘the ABC’ and Australian’s are tired of being told how to think, speak and act.

He also believes a culture of outrage and offence has stifled language to the point you can’t, for example, call someone who is fat fat without a barrage of offence and outrage. He reckons Australian’s have had enough.
Some say he’s a loose cannon, others agree with him and think he’s just what this country needs.

Meantime, a petition has been set up on calling for Triple M to fire Mark Latham.


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