Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom faints as baby is born

This morning on MIX 102.3, breakfast co-host Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom dialled in to announce the birth of this third child – a little boy, Otis.

Speaking to listeners and live on air with his co-host Jodie Oddy, Soda said Otis joined big brother Felix and sister Sienna.
“Sienna has protectors on either side of her, an older brother and a younger brother,” Soda said.
Otis was born at 6.30am SA time, weighing in at 7.47 pounds (3.39 kg).
Soda admitted he missed the cutting of the cord, as he was on the ground having fainted towards the end of the birth.

“I’m good, I think actually Mrs Soda bounced back better than me, I wasn’t really good, I actually came out, I’d hit the floor. I couldn’t last, I collapsed. So while they’re sitting there cutting the cord I’m lying on the ground with a wet towel on my head, and they’re going ‘don’t you get up, you’ve got to stay there’. How pathetic is that!” 

Soda explained his wife, Kate, went into hospital about 5pm yesterday, and he was phoned at 2am to come in before Otis arrived a few hours later.
He also explained where the name came from.

“I was in the lift the other day and I looked up and it said Otis Lifts and I thought, that’s not bad we can run with that.”

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