Marty Sheargold’s New Year brings a new look

On Friday’s Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty Show, Marty Sheargold was the talk of the Instagram town.
On the @katetimmarty Instagram page, an image of Marty with Julie Bishop has sparked an online comment frenzy, with avid listeners of the show commenting on Marty’s new look.
During the show opener, Kate said she has the “hottest ticket in town” working alongside Marty Sheargold while Ginuwine’s Pony is playing in the background.
Kate and Tim recalled some of the comments made by listeners on the image, whilst Marty said “New Year, New Me!”
Marty says, “I appreciate all those comments and thank you for noticing – it hasn’t been easy, but that’s what happens when you stop drinking alcohol – You lose a shitload of weight!”

Tim mentioned that some comments also said listeners are missing the “Old Marty” and the “Dad Bod”
Marty was surprised, but Kate suggested that a previous GIF posted on the team’s Instagram page may of “tipped him over the edge” to go ahead with a new lifestyle choice.
Kate says Marty is a “Great Inspiration”.


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