Masticating with Matt


When I got the media release from Triple M earlier in the week, I could have changed a few words and posted it as a story then. But with this much meat involved, I figured there are some things a man has to do himself.

By the time I got to the rooftop of the SCA building the Merrick & The Highway Patrol Drive Show was well under way as was the roasting of the whole suckling pig stuffed with 19 different kinds of meat.

There was kangaroo, camel, water buffalo, emu, pigeon, partridge, duck, goat, the list goes on, you can see the lot on the chart below.

In the US, this type of concoction is called a Turducken – except they usually stuff a turkey with duck and 2 or 3 other meats, no more. But this is Merrick and the Highway Patrol and its all about blokes doing blokey things coz they can. So they came up with this ‘Turducken Ridiculous idea with an impossible number of meats, all with different textures and fat content and all requiring different cooking methods – all stuffed in together.

How would it taste? To find out, they invited 50 of their listeners, renowned Master Chef judge Matt Preston and me.

To be honest, it was a tad dry but there was plenty of lubricating gravy on hand (not to mention a magnum of St Henri) to help it slide down. Matt Preston was nonetheless impressed with the elaborate cooking techniques that had been employed just to make this stuffed pig fly.

To the merry band of prizewinning listeners, however, this was carnivore heaven.

Below, Matt, Me, Jools and Rach