Mix forced to apologise over contest


Mix 106.5 FM in Sydney had egg on their face this morning due to a contest mistake that forced Network Content Director Duncan Campbell to go on air during the Rosso and Claire Breakfast show to apologise to listeners.

He said, “We regret to advise our listeners that on Monday 2nd July 2012, we incorrectly informed you that Cathy Freeman was not one of the mystery voices in the Mix 1065 $100,000 Mystery Voices Competition.”  

In fact Cathy Freeman was one of the five mystery voices and the caller would have collected $1,000 for guessing that one. But they were told they were wrong.

This then threw the competition into disarray for a time as some listeners thought that Cathy Freeman was not one of the five voices – guessing all five in the correct order would have won the grand prize of $100,000.

The correct names were …

1. Bryan Adams

2. Steven Spielberg

3. Neil Patrick Harris

4. Curtis Stone

5. Cathy Freeman

But all’s well that ends well.

The caller who was told that Cathy Freeman was wrong has now been awarded their $1,000.

And the $100,000 has been awarded to the first person to guess the first four names in order. radioinfo is reliably informed that, “They are a young couple with a new baby and were thrilled when told the news this morning.”

Duncan Campbell told listeners,
“We are going to run the Mix1065 $100,000 Mystery Voices again, starting on Monday 17th September.”  

For the legal minded a statement of the variance in terms and conditions of the contest is available on the Mix 106.5 website.