Matt Acton reveals filling in for Kyle Sandilands on KIIS 1065 left him $220 out of pocket

‘We’ve gottta call Kyle! He owes you money.’

On Brisbane’s hit105 with Stav, Abby and Matt this morning, Matty Acton revealed that while working on KIIS with Hughsey & Kate in Melbourne, he was once given 10 minutes notice to fill in for Kyle Sandilands alongside Jackie O and despite co-hosting KIIS 1065’s breakfast show, it ended up costing him money.

‘I got a speeding fine. I was going to fill in for Kyle Sandilands because he didn’t show up for work. I got a call ten minutes before the show started, so I sped in, to make it to the show, I had to pay it, and I never got paid for filling in. I started work at 6am until 6pm, and it cost me $220!’

Listen below.