Matt Baseley joins Gina Jeffreys at Nova’s Star 104.5

Matt Baseley will join Gina Jeffreys as Star 104.5‘s new breakfast team Gina and Matty in 2024.

Baseley started his career with Nova as part of the Merrick & Rosso Breakfast Show and the newly launched Nova 96.9 in 2003. Most recently, he co-hosted the Maz & Matty Breakfast Show on the Hit NSW Regional Network.

Baseley said:

“This is my 21st year in radio, and to be able to come home to NOVA Entertainment to celebrate is so special. My first proper show in a radio studio was here at Star 104.5 doing Sunday nights, so to come full circle and be waking up with the people of the Central Coast on breakfast, sitting next to the one and only Gina Jeffreys, is a dream come true!”

Jeffreys said of her new co-host:

“I’m so excited that Matty’s back on the Central Coast and going to be joining me each morning as we wake up with our amazing listeners. We’re so lucky to have this job and I can’t wait to share it with him. “

Gina & Matty will be heard on Star 104.5 from 5:30am on January 15, 2024.

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