Matt & Meshel grant three wishes

Matt & Meshel did a KIIS IT BETTER this morning, a regular segment where they help out someone in the community.
This morning Tanya and her 8-year-old daughter Jocelyn came into the studio.
Jocelyn suffers from a life limiting severe form of epilepsy, migrating partial epilepsy of infancy. She also battles cerebral palsy, dystonia, cortical visual impairment, scoliosis & global development delay. On a bad day Jocelyn can battle more than 100 seizures a day and when she was born, her parents Tanya and Adam were told she wouldn’t live past 12 months.
Together with their two other daughters, Lily, 6 and Kayla, 4, the family has put together a wish list for Jocelyn, creating memories that put a smile on her face.
This morning on air, KIIS 101.1 granted three of her wishes:

1.       Attend a red carpet event – so KIIS 101.1 is sending Jocelyn and her mother Tanya to walk the red carpet at the Logies next month.

2.       Jocelyn wanted a fairy garden at her house – so a fairy garden is being installed at her house, thanks to

3.       Jocelyn wanted to go on the Spirit of Tasmania with her family – so  on a weekend which suits the family, KIIS 101.1 will pay for the entire family to take the cruise from Melbourne to Tasmania.

Tanya says: “We just want her to experience all the beauty in the life and unfortunately we don’t know how long we have her for.”


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