Matt & Meshel’s WTF could win you $1k

Melbourne’s KIIS 1011 with Matt & Meshel are asking Melbourne listeners to have a good look around them this week, because a simple WTF could score them cash.
Each day Matt & Meshel have placed something on the streets of Melbourne, which was a little… What The F…?
Listeners have been dialling in with something odd they’ve seen, to try and claim victory.
Grace from Niddrie saw a woman dressed as a Smurf walking down Church Street in Richmond, she was painted blue from head to toe. However, that wasn’t Matt & Meshel’s WTF, so listeners went hunting again.

Then Rory dialled in to say he’d seen a woman dressed in a wedding dress, crying with make up running down her face, wandering Box Hill Central. That call landed him $1000 cash.

Tomorrow morning Matt & Meshel will again place something out on the streets that will make listeners say WTF, and walk away a little richer.

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