Matt Tilley to Fight Lauryn Eagle in the Ring

At 8.10am on Thursday a Champ Vs Chump boxing match will take place between champion fighter Lauryn Eagle and The Matt & Jo Show’s Matt Tilley.

Up 150 spectators are expected to attend this 3 round fight. It will be streamed live on Fox FM and on the Fox website.

The event will be held at North Melbourne Boxing and Fitness. Doors will open at 7:30am and close 25 minutes later.


Matt Tilley said, “I’m calling this Thursday “Boxing Day” – hopefully being a woman Lauryn is confused by this and lines up out the front of Myer.


“ I’ve never been confronted with so much innuendo in my life – she’s calling me a jabber and I’m calling her a hooker. Working in brekky radio has only one thing in common with boxing – you get to wear your dressing gown to work”.


Co-host Jo Stanley was appointed as Matt’s Manager and Promoter in the lead up to the clash and is looking forward to commentating.