Maybe I will visit all those little stations: Kyle and Jackie discuss the ARN acquisition

“I could be like the queen, I could do a tour of all those little stations and adoring fans would crowd around…” quipped Kyle Sandilands as he received news of ARN’s acquisition of Grant Broadcasters.

“I’d walk in and the receptionist would go, ‘welcome to Ballara… oh my god it’s Kyle…”

“I’d have to go in a private jet though, not a bus,” said Kyle

Kyle and Jackie told their listeners that Grants is “the superior broadcaster in the regional markets,” a “very successfully run high profit network” and one that “believes in nurturing radio talent.”

“We rely on regional stations to nurture new talent,” said Jackie. “A lot of people want to get into radio and they’re like, why can’t I just go straight to Sydney and be on KIIS…

“Now there’s 46 extra radio stations across Australia, like Hot Tomato, Star, Power Fm, ones you would have heard of.”

Realising that his company now owns some of the radio stations where he got his start, Kyle named Darwin’s Hot 100 and Mix and Star FM in Cairns.

“Make way for a new studio for me in Cairns,” said Kyle, because he has a place in Port Douglas.

“They’re a good operation it will be fun and I’m excited for the young radio stars of the future who will come up through those stations.”

Asked if he would be mentoring some of the new talent who will come through Kyle simply said, “No, I won’t be doing that.”

“The other radio stations will be  a little bit paranoid… welcome to the family Grant Broadcasters,” said Kyle as he ended the discussion towards the end of his program this morning.

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