McGlue leads Radio’s Dry July Effort

The Team at Perth’s ABC 720 are putting in a gallant effort for this year’s Dry July, already raising $4605 making it one of the top teams for the fundraiser.

Leading the effort is Drive presenter John McGlue, who has raised $1,100. In a blog entry, McGlue explained that he is participating in memory of a good friend who he lost to cancer:

‘I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for Dry July and Cancer Council WA.

Aside from the personal fitness kick (I will be able to run 100m in 11 seconds on 31 July, right?), I am looking forward to profound, though less immediately obvious, health benefits.

I’ve also been a huge admirer of Cancer Council WA’s lodges for country cancer patients since my good friend Candy from the country was able to live at Crawford Lodge through a prolonged period of treatment for breast cancer.

It’s a shocking time for anyone undergoing treatment, but add on a 900km round trips from home and the ordeal is truly dreadful.

For Candy, Crawford Lodge became a wonderful home away from home, a safe haven to which she could retreat after treatment but also a base from which she could live a semblance of normal life, in warm friendly surroundings.

It allowed friends in the city to provide essential contact and support, when her family was hundreds of kilometres away.

Crawford Lodge and Milroy Lodge are low-key but fabulous institutions in Perth, to which so many West Australians owe a great debt of gratitude – for the city nest they need in a time of crisis and for the serenity it offers.’

Part of the 720 team although not himself a broadcaster is Terry Slevin, Chair of the Occupational and Environmental Cancer Risk Committee, who has raised a whopping $3,305. 

Adam Spencer has raised $200 thus far and has written that:

‘This will be the first Dry July when I’m actually staying up past 8pm most nights! Bring it on!’

For those not participating in Dry July, indulge in 2GB’s new program ‘Indulge‘.

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