Media reform could be back on Government agenda

But radio industry remains sceptical.

As late as last week it seemed that the chance of media reform that would scrap the 75% coverage rule was as slim as the introduction of same sex marriage given the reticence of Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Nationals leader Warren Truss who is concerned at the loss of regional news services that could result.

But the Australian reports that at a private dinner held in Sydney last week, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told media executives the reach rule should be overturned and was likely to pass parliament given it had Labor’s support.

Attending the dinner was CRA CEO Joan Warner and CRA Chairman, Adam Lang

Even Mr Truss had softened his stand on the issue conceding that the proliferation of news on the internet made the 75% rule less effective. 

If the 75% reach rule no longer applied it would free up major radio networks such as SCA to merge with television networks such as 7, 9 or 10.

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Read the Australian’s report here. (subscription required).

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