Media Watch takes three radio networks to task in one show – Classic Hits among them

Last night’s Media Watch was a red letter (or red card) day for Radio. It started predictably enough with their go-to tut-tut man of choice, Alan Jones at 2GB being accused of dodgy geography. Apparently Jones wasn’t aware that the land locked African nation of Niger has a river running through it. It seems his audience didn’t know either or didn’t care. Luckily Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes did know and was able to correct Jones on the tele to an audience who may or may not have known but likely does not listen to Jones anyway, and wouldn’t care had Holmes not told them that they should.

Next it was 2UE and David Oldfield’s turn to be corrected by Holmes for dodgy math in working out the distance that the monorail would travel around UNSW.

But the biggest section of the show was dedicated to chastising ARN’s Classic Hits network. Not just Sydney’s WS-FM or GOLD in Melbourne but Brisbane’s 4KQ and Adelaide’s Cruise 1323 as well.

The reason? For playing Status Quo’s re-recorded Down Down hit as an ad for Coles without sufficient identification as such.

Is it a fair cop by Media Watch? You tell us.