Meme Watch: Scumbag Radio DJ Plays All The Hits From Bands You Hate

A meme appeared on Quickmeme last month to catalogue American listeners’ many complaints about what they describe as an insufferable staple of an obsolete format.

The article reads: Your local Scumbag Radio DJ lives in a magical land where “all request” hour is suspiciously similar to the regular predetermined Clear Channel line-up, and “commercial-free” actually means “we’ll do live reads and repeat our call letters and slogan between each song.” It’s a land where radio DJs still obnoxiously talk over the beginning and end of the song to impede those of us holding a tape recorder up to the speaker to steal the song (because that totally still happens post-Napster).

The Scumbag Radio DJ buys “jokes” off Prepburger and thinks cheesy sound effects will punch up their long-winded anecdotes about shopping. The Scumbag Radio DJ thinks every band has only two songs and “Call Me Maybe” should be played every other hour. You probably hate the Scumbag Radio DJ, and so do we.

Check out the meme here