Merrick’s Obsession with Meat pays off

Triple M jock takes over from Sam Neill in “selling the sizzle.”

As we reported in July, when Meat and Livestock Australia announced that they were ending their relationship with Kiwi actor Sam Neill as their front man, Merrick Watts decided to apply for the job in what most listeners thought was nothing more than a joke call.

He phoned MLA’s Marketing Director, Andrew Cox during his Highway Patrol Drive shift telling Cox, “I like lamb, beef, pork, chicken, goat, venison, buffalo, camel…I like all meat,” Cox replied, “Well we only like beef and lamb.”



It wasn’t long after that that Merrick cooked up the idea of a Turducken which involved all of those meats and about a dozen more.

Despite his less than perfect interview, Merrick got the job anyway with new ads flooding the airwaves.