Meshel Laurie’s Comedians in Carriages Drinking Tea

Nova 100 breakfast show announcer and comedian Meshel Laurie has just released the first of several on-line videos for her Comedians in Carriages Drinking Tea series. 

The series, a spin on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,  features interviews with some of the biggest names in comedy while travelling in a horse drawn carriage. Horse drawn carriages are an iconic part of Melbourne’s culture and their presence is even more visual during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, so Meshel came up with the idea of taking the interviews out of the studio and into a horse drawn carriage for comedy while enjoying a unique view of the city.

The first video, shot by NOVA Entertainment’s On-Line Video Producer and documentary film maker Oriel Guthrie, features Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, Celia Pacquola and Anne Edmonds, and has just been released.

There will be several more of these Comedians in Carriages Drinking Tea videos released throughout the MICF.

View episode one below:

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