Metropolitan radio ad revenue for November

The commercial radio industry recorded a slight fall in metropolitan advertising revenue of 2.09% in November.

According to figures sourced by Deloitte and released today by industry body Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) a revenue total of $68.601 million was recorded for the nation’s five biggest markets.

The decline was against a particularly strong month in November 2014, when advertising revenue was up 10.34%.

Figures for the individual markets showed that revenue in Sydney decreased by 4.55% to $20.706 million in November compared to the same month a year ago, while Melbourne was down 3.19% to $20.637 million. Brisbane also declined by 4.03% to $10.741 million.

Adelaide (up 4.51% to $6.448 million) and Perth (up 3.86% to $10.068 million) both recorded increases.

“The commercial radio industry has seen 14 months of consecutive increases in advertising revenue, so this may be a month of consolidation,” said Joan Warner, chief executive of CRA.

Financial year-to-date figures show growth across all five capital city markets with a total rise of 5.51% to $335.704 million.

For the five-month period ending November 2015, Adelaide recorded the strongest growth (up 12.92% to $31.541 million), followed by Perth (up 7.03% to $46.196 million) and Sydney (up 5.08% to $102.921 million).  Melbourne grew by 4.36% to $102.795 million and Brisbane rose by 3.22% to $52.250 million.

The Deloitte figures report actual revenue received by metropolitan commercial radio stations and include all metropolitan agency and direct revenue.

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