Michelle Guthrie’s explosive claim about Justin Milne

Michelle Guthrie has made explosive claims on the ABC’s Four Corners that former Chair, Justin Milne, inappropriately touched her at a board dinner last year.

Speaking for the first time since being fired in September, she told Four Corners that “I felt icky. It was inappropriate. It was unprofessional and inappropriate”.

Justin Milne told Four Corners that “I never, ever, behaved in any inappropriate way with Michelle. I had no reason to what so ever, and I didn’t.”
Milne says he was made aware of the allegation through the managing directors executive coach, and that the board had decided to undertake a preliminary investigation.
ABC board member Joe Gersh, was deputised to meet with Ms Guthrie to discuss the alleged incident , but at the time she declined to make a formal complaint.
On September 13, Mr Milne informed Ms Guthrie that she could no longer continue as managing director, and on the 24th her employment was terminated.
Michelle Guthrie is suing the ABC and Justin Milne over her dismissal

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