Mick Molloy grills Tony Abbott (and he doesn’t wink once)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast this morning with Eddie McGuireMick Molloy and Luke Darcy.

The PM received a bit of a grilling from Mick Molloy, who also noted that the Prime Minister didn’t wink once during the entire interview, unlike in the John Faine interview, where he apparently winked at the presenter to indicate that he would continue taking questions from a 67-year chronically ill caller who happened to work for an adult sex line. 

Tony Abbott stood firm though assuring The Hot Breakfast that there is purpose to the pain of the Federal Budget.

Mick Molloy: Prime Minister, you are universally respected as a bit of a street fighter, you don’t mind a scrap. You obviously knew there was going to be backlash to a tough budget…is this exactly where you expected to be right now,  is this as planned?

Tony Abbott: Well no one likes a critical reaction, we’re all human, we would all rather be applauded than criticised, we’re all like that. I mean, when you guys have been playing footy you all want the crowd cheering not jeering, but you know as a politician that if you say to people, ‘I’m sorry, we can’t just give you more, in fact in some instances we’re going to have to give you less’ people don’t like it. The thing is…we couldn’t go on as we were, spending money that we didn’t have, borrowing against the future and stealing off our kids, delivered up now. We couldn’t go on like that and I reckon in the end people want a government that tells them the truth and does the necessary thing rather than taking the soft option.

Listen to the full interview here or below.


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