Mike Thompson remembered

Community radio people have remembered Mike Thompson for his roles in public and community broadcasting. Various correspondents told AMT about Mike’s career, which included a stint as a journalist at the ABC, Policy advsior positions in the Department of the Media, and as a manager of the ethnic broadcasting stations 2EA and 2000 FM. One correspondent related this exchange from last year’s CBAA conference:

“Mike THOMPSON, Billy LEE LONG and some conference delegates were discussing the future of CBAA and how they could help the Community Broadcasting sector progress. Question by Billy LEE LONG ( President 4CCR -FM 89.1 ) to Mike THOMPSON.
‘Mike, what would you like to be doing a year from now ?’
‘Billy, if I could afford it, one of the things I would like to do is resign from my position and travel around Australia to all the Community Stations who are struggling and help them get up and run successfully. Would you be interested to help me ?’
‘Mike, sounds like a good plan 4 wheel drive, golf clubs, tennis racquet, fishing rod, mobile phone, master card, slip slop slap and away.’

Mike’s shared knowledge, philosophy, mission and enthusiastic spirit for community radio has helped us to think what each of us can do to progress the sector. … Thanks Mike, this is a legacy for which we will all be eternally grateful.’