Millions paid to media companies from Job Keeper

Listed companies are now required to publicly declare the money they received from the government’s Job Keeper program.

In the last few weeks three radio companies have submitted their compliance documents.

The information submitted to the stock exchange relates to the financial years ended 31/12/2020 (FY 1) and 31/12/2021 (FY 2).


Today ARN’s parent company HT&E made its declaration of over $10 million.

In Financial Year 1 (2020) there were 545 HT&E staff receiving Job Keeper, worth $10.68 million.

In FY 2 (2021) the company did not claim any job keeper payments.

HT&E has not voluntarily returned any of the payments.


On the 8th of November, Nine Entertainment Limited, parent company of Nine Radio made its notification of about $15 million.

In FY 1 (2020) Nine received $6.73 million for 753 staff.

In FY2 (2021) Nine received $8.24 million for 784 staff.

Nine has voluntarily returned about $8.8 milli0n (FY1 $963,000, FY2 $7,844,700). The company today reported an 83% profit rise at its AGM.


On 29th October, Southern Cross Media Group, SCA’s parent company, declared about $47 million.

In FY 1 (2020) 1769 SCA staff received $15.85 million.

In FY2 (2021) 1749 staff received $31.57 million.

SCA has not voluntarily returned any of the payments.


None of this information is new, it has all been revealed progressively in annual company accounts and shareholder notifications, but since it is now being reported as a standard part of compliance,  the amounts are available for direct comparison.

Media CEOs are on record acknowledging the significant support that the government’s Job Keeper scheme has given to their businesses to allow them to keep staff on during lockdowns and downturns in advertising. With the imminent end of lockdowns and borders reopening, companies are hoping that advertising revenue will spring back during the Christmas advertising season.

Disclosures are made in accordance with the requirements of section 323DB of the Corporations Act 2001and Treasury Laws Amendment (2021 Measures No. 2) Act 2021.


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