Minister and media management to discuss deregulation

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, is set to meet with media company managers this Friday to begin a series of talks to discuss industry issues, particularly ownership regulation, which could potentially lead to further deregulatry actions. 

At present, the Federal Government has announced a ‘deregulation day’ on March 19 where a large number of redundant regulatory laws will be repealed with the Omnibus Red Tape Reduction Bill. The talks will also help the industry to discuss what legal changes they would like to see in the new age, and will also take into account the Convergence Review set up by the Labor party in 2012.

The first meeting will happen on Friday in Sydney, and could lead to more consolidation of companies within the industry by discussing legislation which hinders the ability for companies to merge or hold agreements.

The television industry will be well-represented with the Chief Executive’s of Nine, Seven and Ten attending the meetings. The radio sector will be represented by Southern Cross Media CEO Rhys Holleran, DMG Radio CEO Cathy O’Connor and Capital Radio Newtork Managing Director Kevin Blyton.

Minister Turnbull said: “I certainly believe there should be less regulation. People have expressed the view to me that in an age where the internet has enabled more competition, why do we need industry specific regulation when we have the ACCC? The landscape is dramatically changed, we are proposing very serious and very substantial deregulation.”

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