Ministry of Sound extends the mix at the ACRAS

This years ACRAS celebration dinner will wrap up at 1am with MoS Radio producer and resident DJ, Pete Smith, providing the dance tracks from “Ministry of Sound”. The dance show to kick off at 11:30 is sponsored by the Ministry of Sound Sessions – the new weekly Australian radio dance show that’s already heard on 60 stations – and Radiowise (owners of this website).

Commercial Radio Australia’s Joan Warner, said,“We’re delighted that Ministry’s agreed to be part of Radio’s biggest night of the year. We’ve brought the after show party in house for all to enjoy. I think guests will be thrilled with the additional entertainment we’ve laid on for them.”

Radiowise’s Station Relations Manager, Sasha Kahan, said, “Ministry of Sound rarely ventures outside its own venues. But with a special lightshow, they’ll pull out all stops to recreate a club atmosphere at the ACRAS venue. The only thing missing will be a velvet rope and queue to get in”.