mix94.5 gives married couple a second chance at romance

Steve, a truck driver from Kallaroo, couldn’t believe his ears when he picked up the phone this morning to discover he was the winner of this week’s mix94.5‘s Life’s a Beach holiday to Mauritius. 
“I knew that I had to be by the phone and I was listening to the radio at the same time,” Steve said.
“When I picked up and heard Clairsy’s voice, I just thought ‘woohoo!”
Steve and his wife, Catie, walked down the aisle seven years ago and, as many newlyweds do, ventured off on their honeymoon, dreaming of romance and laughter.
Unfortunately, their honeymoon took place on Hamilton Island which, at that time, was being rocked by severe flooding. To make things worse, Catie sustained a severe knee injury and had to have surgery which left her wheelchair bound during her recovery.  
“It was a disaster of a honeymoon,” said Steve.
“My wife had surgery in Brisbane and because of the flooding, our flights got cancelled.”
Steve and Catie, who now have two young sons aged seven and five, have not had the opportunity to re-do the romantic honeymoon they never got … until now.
“The one we had was horrible. This will make up for it.” Steve said.
“It’s meant to be!
“This is awesome! Thank you mix94.5.” Steve said.

The giveaways don’t stop there with mix94.5’s Life’s a Beach sending lucky listeners off to exotic locations each week. Already trips to the Greek Islands and Venice Beach in California have been given away. Next stops: the Italian Amalfi Coast and then Hawaii.