mix94.5 welcomes rock royalty with new show: Generation 80’s with Brian Mannix

From Monday mix94.5‘s Clairsy, from Clairsy, Matt & Kymba, will be rocking the airwaves in a new show with Brian Mannix, from Uncanny X-Men.

Generation 80’s with Brian Mannix will run Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 1pm, and feature the best the 1980’s has to offer, but that isn’t where the fun stops with Mannix telling Perth to expect the unexpected.
“I’m excited about playing so many great 80’s songs and also excited about playing a few clangers as well,” he said.
“I could talk underwater to be honest, so I’ll be very open and honest about my thoughts on the music.”
Warming up for the microphones, Mannix gave a quick review of fellow 1980’s royalty, Bon Jovi.
“I like their music but they sound like they got their lyrics off a bumper sticker! I’m surprised they haven’t released a song called ‘Honk if you’re Horny’ yet.”
Although he has dabbled in radio on the East Coast before, Mannix says he is excited to be on board for a “big one” in Perth, as well as working with co-announcer, Clairsy.
Clairsy seems like a really good bloke and he has his act together which is great. It means it’s OK if I don’t have to have my act together as much.

“I’m a virgin to Perth radio, but we’ll soon fix that!”
Equally as excited, Clairsy says he is pumped to be working with Mannix on mix94.5’s new show.
“He’s a funny bloke with so many great stories.”
“That’s what I’m looking forward to the most. The stories of the eighties from someone who was there. I’m hoping he’ll dish up some dirt on some of the stars he worked with, as well as his chart rivals!”
Generation 80’s with Brian Mannix will be pumping true 1980’s style music, from a mixture of genres including rock, alternative and pop, but will we be hearing from Mannix’s own Uncanny X-Men?
“I imagine from time to time we might be hearing a bit of the Xmen,” said Mannix.
“It’s not my first call to order but I imagine someone will put it in. Why not?”


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