More April Fools trickery

When Melbourne listeners thought Mix 101.1’s Chrissie and Jane had revealed the My Kitchen Rules winners in an interview with eliminated contestants Carly and Tresne, all hell broke loose.
The switchboard melted down, and an angry Manu came on to the show…to reveal it was all just an April Fools Joke.
Watch how it unfolded here:
Other station have got on board the April 1 bandwagon with 2Day FM breakfast promoting the station as the home of country music: “From the mountains of Nashville to the western plans of Dubbo this is 2Day FM, your #1 country and western music station…it’s the greatest rodeo in town. Strap your boots on and fire up the pick-up truck.”

6mm and Coast FM Mandurah announced a $4 billion redevelopment of Mandjar Bay, eliciting outraged phone calls and responses on their facebook pages before listeners were told it was all a joke.
4BU Bundaberg listeners were told as part of an “Australian first” they communicate directly with their radio hosts through their own radio due to new technology they had acquired – leading to many calls to the station asking for instructions.    

2UE breakfast hosts John Stanley and Garry Linnell were given a hairy makeover and of course there was the now famous Fitzy and Wippa prank on their programming bosses

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