More hard news in SA-FM’s Newsfeed

Split breakfast show starts at six and seven

SA-FM seems to have invented a new daypart with the launch of its revamped breakfast shift this morning. The Newsfeed with distinguished journalist Rebecca Morse and Ryan ‘Burgo’ Burgess will run between 6 am and 7 am and then a completely different show takes over till 10 am, featuring Hayley Pearson and Angus O’Loughlin calledThe Hayley & Angus Show.

SAFM Content Director, Donna Puechmarin says, “Now more than ever, we know that our audience craves information – they want to have their finger on the pulse and never be the last to know and The Newsfeed will deliver this in one hit first thing each morning.  Then comes the fun with Hayley and Angus – these two have chemistry!”

The Newsfeed, says the release, will inform, challenge and entertain with the biggest happenings from overnight. From news to social commentary.  From celebrity to scandal. From the most current global political crises to the latest Kardashian break-up out of Hollywood.  The Newsfeed will keep Adelaide in the know.

Then says the release, The Hayley & Angus Show kicks in from 7-10am and sees the much loved Hayley Pearson return to the air with a stellar new co-host Angus O’Loughlin – son of radio legend Mike ‘Locco’ O’Loughlin and an on-air hero in his own right.  Great music, colourful conversations, fabulous guests and a giggle. The music will be hot, the discussion hotter and with great hosts – The Hayley & Angus Show is SIZZLING!