More Twitter tips from Craig Bruce

One thought per tweet” – 2Day’s Ellie Mobbs offers a cheeky welcome to her boss


*This story will be updated as more tips are posted to Twitter – stay tuned!* 

To celebrate 25 years at SCA, Head of Content Craig Bruce is sharing 25 things he’s learnt in the radio industry on his brand spanking new Twitter account (@cb_bruce). Here are the first few…

Lesson 1

All announcers sound the same. The most important thing you can do is find your unique, authentic voice.

Lesson 2

Every shift is a chance to improve. Being on air is the best way to fast track your development. Treat every gig with respect.

Lesson 3

Share your work with people who are better than you, finding a supportive mentor is the fastest way to improve.

Lesson 4

Australian radio needs more announcers who are passionate about music. If that’s you, you’ve already found your niche.

Lesson 5

Edit. Then edit again. Every talk break should start with what needs to come out, not what should  stay in.

Lesson 6

Content Directors hire attitude, not talent.

Lesson 7

Most programmers share the same knowledge on content. The difference is in leadership and talent coaching.

Lesson 8

For young programmers. Think about your communication like an on-air campaign. It needs frequency and creativity.


Lesson 9

Radio Lesson 9. Programming great shows is about releasing potential, not stifling it. Start by hiring really smart & interesting people, then let them go.

Lesson 10

The best performers are defined by what they don’t do.
They zig when others zag.
Radio rules are meant to be broken.
Hire people who have the talent and courage to do something different.

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