Moving from the left brain world to the right brain world: Tania de Jong #CBAAConf

Creativity and community will be two very important elements of our society as we move into the future, according to Tania de Jong, keynote speaker at today’s CBAA Conference.

Tania de Jong is an inspirational speaker, singer, business woman and social entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful businesses and charity ventures that promote social inclusion.

“The left side of our brain is logical and factual. Often we are overwhelmed by this side.

“The right side of the brain is like a battery charger for creativity. We need to spend more time on this side in such a stressed out world,” she said.

So how do you connect more to the right side of your brain to unlock more creativity?

Singing is great for unlocking the right side of your brain, as well as walks in quiet places, pets, friends and ‘positive human collisions’ according to de Jong, who inspired delegates to sing during her presentation.

“We are moving from the old world left brain command and control thinking to a more modern view. We are moving to a more creative connected world,” said de Jong.

How are we going to create more original though to solve the problems of society today?

Creativity will be the most important attribute for this in coming years according to de Jong. The 6 important new senses are:



“You are sitting at the heart of community creativity and voice. You stand at the gate to enable these community voices and creativity to be heard,” she said.

“To be innovative we need to be curious, persistent and committed to learning,” advised de Jong.

Other characteristics of innovators include being visionary, celebrating diversity and being flexible and adaptable.

de Jong founded the creative charity, With One Voice, eight years ago. It brings together people from all areas of the community to share their voices in song. “We achieve miracles with the neuroscience benefits of singing.

“Singing improves concentration and makes people’s hearts beat together. There are great physiological benefits from singing.”

During the choirs people make wishes that are read out to the group and instantaneously people put up their hands to help one another. “It’s amazing how this has led to people getting jobs, marriages, connections to health services and just helping people who want someone to walk with to the train.”

“It’s amazing what you can do with singing, that is something that you know well in your sector.

“Don’t be silenced, let your true voice be heard,” she said.

“Many of us go through life with our music unplayed.

“When we are young we have great creativity but as we get older it is stifled.

“I urge you to go out into the world and unlock your symphonies, your unplayed music, and keep your communities singing.”

She recently gave a TED Talk on her activities, which you can view here.

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